Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry: Gun Ho to Execute Another Possibly Innocent Foreign National

I do not believe that I have ever encountered a politician I revile more than the loathsome Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Not content with the blood of at least one possibly innocent man on his hands (e.g. Willingham), yesterday the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Jose Medellin, a Mexican national convicted of capital murder under the infamously flawed system known as the Texas "Justice" system.

Perry should hold the honorary title of engineer for all the criminal defendants that have been "railroaded" under his watch. The idea that the Republican Party actually would consider this ignoramus as potential Presidential timber makes one wonder just how low is the bar that would have the likes of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry as two of its front runners.

I truly believe that whoever came up with the idea for the "Mean People Suck" stickers had Rick in mind. The Republican governor's position in the Medellin case dramatically illustrates the gap between what right-wing so-called Christian Republicans espouse and what they practice. To sanctimonious jerks like Perry and his ilk, the Republican Creed and their version of the Golden Rule is:

"I Got Mine (usually unethically, immorally or illegally) Why the Hell Can't the Poor, Powerless, Defenseless and Vulnerable Get Theirs!"

To prove my point, I challenge the Governor of Texas to repeat after me and then honestly answer two simple rhetorical questions:

"Do Unto Others As you Would Have Done Unto You"(and yours)

Ready Rick? Here we go:

Would you have ignored exculpatory scientific evidence and rammed through an execution if the person being executed were your own child or relative?

If a citizen of Texas were arrested abroad and charged with a capital offense should he or she have not only the right, but the actual ability to notify the U.S. Consulate and/or U.S. Embassy and mount an adequate legal defense?

Yeah I thought so. What's that? Those examples don't apply to you? Oh yeah I forgot the corollary to your so-called version of the Republican, er I mean, Golden Rule:

"The Rules Don't Apply to Me because I am (fill in the blank)_________(rich, white, male, American, powerful, politically connected...).

Shame on you Rick Perry. Shame on Texas. Shame on Rick Perry's Amerika.

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