Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Corruption Coverup Completed: FBI Closes Book On Metro Gang Strike Force

One of the most corrupt criminal syndicates in Minnesota history, the Metro Gang Strike Force proved today that crime does in fact pay when the FBI closed its investigation citing a lack of evidence. Following the cowardly lead set by Hennepin County Faux Attorney Mike Freeman, the FBI followed suit refusing to conduct even the most minimal investigation into outrageous illegal, felony conduct that costs the citizens of Minnesota over $3 Million Dollars in Settlements and counting. I know the FBI is hamstrung like the rest of government these days by a lack of personnel and resources but look what one Star Tribune reporter, Randy Furst, was able to accomplish on his own:

Lack of evidence my ass!

Just another example of the Boys in Blue protecting their own and that old corrollary "The Rules Don't Apply to Me".

The bottom line is who do Minnesotans have to blame for this travesty of justice? All of this could have been avoided as funding for this criminal organization had been cut-off way back in 2004.

As I reminded readers way back in August of 2009, it was then Governor Pawlenty who we have to blame for saving Minnesota's version of "Inglorious Basterds", the Metro Gang Strike Force. In announcing his saving Minnesota's answer to the SS from the budget chopping block, Governor Pawlenty stated:

"...Because partisanship has drawn things to a halt in the State Capitol, I've taken extraordinary executive actions to move ahead without legislative action. The budget deficit the Legislature ignored was wiped away with a stroke of my pen. A critical crime-fighting agency, the Gang Strike Force, was slated to disband because the Legislature didn't pass funding. Our administration found the money to keep the group working for Minnesota."

"A critical crime-fighting agency"? "Working for Minnesota"?

Take a bow Pawlenty, Freeman and the FBI because you all played significant roles in the biggest law enforcement corruption scandal in state history at a cost of millions of dollars to the taxpayers. You all are at the least guilty of professional malfeasance if not obstruction of justice. Strong words but well deserved! If you think the FBI's feeble excuse for an investigation into the Metro Gang Strike Force is just an isolated fluke, see POLICE CORRUPTION: FBI INVESTIGATIONS ARE NOT THE ANSWER.

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