Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Official: Republican Controlled Mn Legislature Frittered Away Entire Session Posturing and Passing Social Legislation For Political Gain

It was perfectly fitting and some would even say karma that on the day that former Governor Tim Pawlenty officially threw his hat in the ring down in Iowa his former Republican colleagues in the Minnesota Legislature wrapped up their session without ever getting down to the peoples business and negotiating like adults with the Governor Dayton to resolve the Pawlenty legacy, a $5 Billion deficit. So just like their former phony leader who did not have the political and moral courage to address the long term structural deficit in the state budget that he faced every Biennium of his two terms as Governor, the Republican controlled MN House and Senate kicked the can down the road just like the bunch of school boys that they are.

So just what did the Republican controlled Minnesota Legislature get accomplished instead of working on the real problems facing the state like the deficit and jobs jobs jobs? Why they spent the entire session passing various turn out the base red meat legislation like new restrictions on abortion, putting on the 2012 ballot a constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage and Karl Rove's old trick, voter suppression, er, I mean voter ID legislation. Oh yeah, they invited some buffon, right wing minister to give a childish denominational rant of a prayer to open the day last week, the same day they debated their hate filled discriminatory ballot initiative.

Yep, just business as usual for the Republicans, no new taxes posturing, taking care of themselves and ignoring the public good. The result: wasted tax dollars for a special session, skyrocketing property taxes and user fees while services and the quality of life for the middle and working classes goes to hell. Thanks Timmy, thanks Republicans...Same as it ever was.