Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Calling All Birthers, Tea Baggers, Trumpster, Dittoheads, Beck, Hannity and Other Know Nothings: Now You Will Have To Run On the Issues

Now that the White House has released the long form of President Obama's birth certificate what will you do to distract the the great unwashed, the TMZ, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars crowd now that you can no longer blow smoke up the behinds of stupid people with you racist lies about the President's place of birth?

Will you actually discuss your plans to dismantle the social safety net in this country so you can give your never ending tax cuts to the privileged few who contribute millions to your campaign coffers, which tax cuts are then borne on the backs of hard working Americans? Will you show the American Public the effects that your Republican tax cuts have had on the ever growing inequality in the distribution of wealth in this country?

Will you point out to the American public that the President's cautious approach to Libya and decision not to arm the rebels was the correct one in light of the most recent batch of Wikileaks which revealed that one of the rebels military leaders, Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, is an ex Gitmo prisoner and Al Qaeda member?

(Way to go John McCain, Glenn Beck Sean Hannity and other critics of President's Libyan policy! Unlike president GW Bush, President Obama doesn't rush into armed interventions that benefit our strategic enemies at the expense of American blood and treasure, i.e. Iraq.)

Hopefully today will mark the beginning of the Great Awakening: the rejection of the trivial, the refusal to be distracted and the return to focusing on the serious issues which face the nation. This necessarily requires honest public discourse on the actual facts of the given issue or situation.

If we are ever going to come up with successful solutions to our serious problems we no longer have the luxury of ignorance or intellectual laziness. The majority of the public has to start paying attention and stop accepting as truths the litany of lies perpetuated by Republicans since the days of Ronald Reagan: Trickle Down economics are a farce, tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and investor class do not benefit small business nor create jobs. The economic health of America is tied to the economic health of an upwardly mobile and prosperous working and middle class. Stop voting against your economic interests and supporting candidates who only offer you platitudes and lectures on morality. You cannot legislate morality and those that harp on moral issue invariably turn out to be hypocrites. Amen.

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