Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling Minnesotan

The duality that it is to be a Minnesotan surfaced again this week, this time in the form of the Minnesota Congressional delegation. First we had my own Congressman, Keith Ellison, on all the media outlets reminiscing his emotion choked, tearful testimony before Congressman King's modern day McCarthy commission. Pete King, a republican and former Prussian Field Marshall held Amerikan Inquisition Hearings in Washington, D.C. last week on the topic: "What it Takes to Show Your Loyalty as a U.S. Muslim?"

Just this morning, amidst the unfolding disasters in Japan, another member of the Minnesota Congressional delegation lit up the national and local news programs with her contribution to the day's discourse: Michele Bachmann, a much less attractive, non-cute, brunette version of Goldie Hawn's airhead persona circa 'Laugh In', was on every screen screwing up a history lesson where she informs her New Hampshire audience that they are in the state of Concord and Lexington and the Shot Heard Around the World.

So whether its left or right; liberal or conservative; Minneapolis or St. Paul; Ellison or Bachmann; Cry Baby or Idiot: What's its gonna be Minnesota? I'm afraid this will do little to dissuade the rest of the country's perception of us as nothing but a bunch of cry babbies and idiots, so thanks Representatives Bachmann and Ellison.

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