Monday, January 17, 2011

When Science Becomes a Belief, Politics Become Abysmal

Remember the old statistics adage "garbage in, garbage out" meaning if you start with bad data, you're bound to get bad results in terms of decision making. I think all rational people would agree, that when it comes to something really important, say a life or death medical decision for a loved one, you want the best information from the very best doctors and scientists their respective fields have to offer and take it all in before making a reasoned decision. You surely would not just make some rash decision, based only upon some gut level instinct and belief that has been conditioned into mass culture as a result of the shortcomings of modern journalism.

The major network news departments, cable t.v. and the print media condition the masses that there are two sides to everything, including science. It is no wonder then that the body politic is so divided and cannot even come to a consensus on the bloody obvious. It is no wonder that people make decisions based upon the belief that there side is right, damn the cold hard scientific facts. When someone is so blinded by belief that they are not even receptive to hear the facts, we as a society are the losers, doomed to stumbling from bad facts in, to bad decision making to bad outcomes. Fact up America!

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