Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Skins": What's With All the Hub, Bub?

Now that my college junior of a daughter is back living with me full time after her Semester Abroad tour I am suddenly exposed to the youth mass culture again. I am especially befuddled by what passes as news these days on shows like "Hollywood...I Don't Care" or something. Frankly, it's just alot of nonsense and a waste of time.

But from what I gleaned from it, as it is constantly on in one version or another, 24 hours of the day, running in the background as a kind of soundtrack to my daughter's life, shocked and amazed me. Sure, sure I realize that, technically, we violated the church's Tuesday Open Gym Night policy of "...#38. Shirts must be worn at all times." And I know, I know, that the blinding sight of one half of the Lutheran Men's Over 45 Basketball League without their shirts on is not exactly a pretty sight but heavens to Martin Luther I never expected that it would be all over the pop media shows the next several days! I mean, Jees Louise! Get over this "Skins" hub bub already. We may be gray and flabby but I think that it is cool that MTV, like AARP has gone hip hop, so get used to it.

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