Sunday, October 10, 2010

Newt Interview: Failure to Hold Accountable the Ones Doing the Counting

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KSTP Television


I respect the host's, Tom Hauser's, proclivity to be polite when conducting interviews. But while no one likes an obnoxious interviewer, I do think it would have added some balance to the show had Mr. Hauser had the intellectual curiosity and courage to ask Mr. Gingrich the question (as he was extolling the virtues of the Clinton Administration and his role as a negotiating partner in its undeniable economic success): "Then why was it Mr. Gingrich, that during the same period that you and your fellow Republicans were bringing the government to a near halt in an attempt to impeach the President for an offense that any constitutional lawyer or scholar could tell you did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense (i.e high crimes and misdemeanor), you yourself was engaged in an extra-marital affair?"

Hmm...I wonder why Gingrich has not thrown his hat into the presidential election 2012 ring yet? But even more unbelievable than Mr. Gingrich's hypocritical hubris is the notion that if the 2010 roster of Republican and Tea Party candidates were to take control of Congress that they would be reasonable and/or rational partners let alone even be receptive to negotiating at all with the current Administration is to forget all short term political and economic memory.

I do appreciate your adding a couple of new faces to the show rather than the same old retreads who add little or nothing to the issue or analysis. I would much prefer it, however, if you would bring on your show respected, neutral and objective economists, scientists and scholars, including our elders in their respective fields (and for Chrissakes I do not mean Wendell Anderson, give him a rest!). This would be much more interesting and informative than another ad nausea round of Amber and Dave "the no tax guy".

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