Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Birth ...And Death of a Gopher Nation

As I stated in my post following the Gopher-USC fiasco, there is no love lost between Coach Brewster and I. Call me clairvoyant, a football savant or what have you, I just have a knack for spotting an idiot and I saw this bubba coming lit up in Las Vegas Neon. My only regret is the idiot who hired him, Joe Maturi, is not making the elephant walk with him.

Here is an editorial cartoon I submitted to my alma matter's student newwspaper, the Minnesota Daily, the largest daily circulation college newspaper, back in December 2007 at the close of Brewster's first season as Gopher coach. Needless to say the Daily did not print my cartoon...but guess who gets the last word! Word to Maturi: You're Next!!

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