Thursday, September 9, 2010

Henn Co Attorney Mike Freeman Releases Whitewash Report on Metro Gang Strike Force; Freeman Should Resign If He Cannot Do the Job

September 8, 2010 will live in infamy as the day that the biggest whitewash in American history was released to the public. No, I am not talking about BP's 200 plus page self-serving report on the causes of the oil rig explosion and resulting massive oil spill in the gulf. Quite frankly, we had expected as much from BP's former CEO and chief Weasel, Tony Hayward. No one was surprised when greedy and criminal shortcuts by BP officials were downplayed and instead BP pointed its oil stained accusatory finger at the rig operator and Haliburton, who of course were taking orders from BP.

No the whitewash I am talking about is not Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Tom "tax Cut" Emmer, who just weeks before the election still has not said how he will deal with the $6 Billion state deficit but did release his plans for getting the Minnesota economy back on track. I know, I know. You are never going to believe this, but Emmer's solution, don't hold your breath, is more tax cuts. Imagine that! Another GOP candidate with a brilliant and imaginative plan to restore vitality to the economy, more tax cuts, especially for the wealthiest 2 percent. Just a reminder to Emmer and his mental minions, supply side economics did not work under the senile, imbecile President we had back in the 1980's and was one of the biggest contributors to the staggering deficits and national debt we have today.

The white wash I am referring to is the disgraceful, cop-out, cover-up report of Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, whose 19 page explanation why he refuses to perform his duty to prosecute crimes committed within his jurisdiction boils down to the Metro Gang Strike Force's destruction of documents and obstruction of justice was so successful there is no evidence to prosecute any members for a criminal offense. Oh, Bullshit!!, as my father and former Justice Department official would say. Freeman, if you cannot do your job, step aside so someone else will. Freeman's inaction is as potentially dangerous to the citizens of Minnesota, in the form of giving a green light to police abuses and corruption as the dim witted Florida pastor's plan to burn the Koran.

If you care to add a little lite fiction to your reading list, here is a link to Freeman's whitewash:

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