Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boehner Finally Takes A Responsible Position On An Issue But GOP Goon Squad Quickly Reels Him Back In

For a moment there, last Sunday on Face the Nation, Minority Leader John "Coppertone" Boehner actually said something intelligent. When Bob Schiefer asked him if he would vote for a Democratic bill extending tax cuts for all but the Wealthiest 2% (i.e. couples making over $250,000/year), Boehner stated he would, if he "...had no other choice", but he quickly added, he would prefer that everyone (code for the filthy rich who caused all the problems and now expect another handout) receive the extended tax cuts.

"Could this be really happening?" I asked myself. A post-Reagan Republican actually courting the formerly middle class? Of course not. No sooner had Boehner's chair cooled off, then Mitch "no chin" McConnell and the rest of the GOP goon squad had forced Boehner to make a retraction and gave him 50 swats with the fraternity pledge paddle left over from GWB times.

I found the most amusing part of the Republican Kabuki dance was the new false, misleading statistic that is on every Republican's lips (i.e.talking points). Remember the Republicans, much like Mussolini, have discovered that if you repeat a lie long enough some of the mentally deficient will start to believe you.

Only problem for the GOP Boogieman, their old lie from the 2004 campaign, that the people at the higher end of the Bush Tax Cuts were responsible for creating 85% of the small business jobs in America, has been exposed for what it is, a lie. Nice try but the figure is more like 3-6%. So now the chinless wonder McConnell and his mental minions are trotting out a couple of new whoopers. McConnell's argument that the taxpayers at the high end of the Bush Tax Cuts are responsible for 50% of small business income (notice how they don't mention job creation). Better yet, some light weight of a Republican Congressman, so memorable I can't even remember his name, said on the PBS News Hour "94 percent of small businesses file S Corp returns". I still have not figured this one out other than to say that Cliff Claven from Cheers would be proud.

But just like their last round of VooDoo economics, this figure is misleading, inaccurate and a desparate ploy to give the ditto heads something they can recite like the rosary. But don't believe me, see the March 2009 article by FactCheck.Org, the independent and politically neutral fact checking site run by the University of Pennsylvania's esteemed Annenberg School of Journalism (sorry Fox News).

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