Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dayton: Head and Shoulders Above His Fellow DFL Primates

In about twenty minutes I will join tens of thousands of other Minnesota Democrats in voting for Mark Dayton as our next governor. While this is only the DFL primary, the winner today will in fact be Minnesota's next Governor, thus ending a dry spell for Democrats dating back to the days of Governor Goofy Rudy Perpich, who no longer looks like a Disney character, especially when compared to the empty suit the Republicans are running, the self-imploding buffoon Tom Emmer.

Am I fired up for Dayton? That's like getting fired up over soup for dinner. What's my alternative? Margaret Anderson Kelliher? Matt Entenza? Come on, they're just baby chimps swingin' in the tree limbs (see picture on right) compared to the silver-back, knuckle draggin', DFL Primate Dayton.

In these dark times all I want, what the state desperately needs, is someone who tells the truth, is competent and has a plan. While Dayton may be a mouth breather, to quote the words of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, "Just Win Baby!"

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