Saturday, April 25, 2009

Neither Sleet Nor Swine Flu Can Stop the Stomp

Now for something completely different. The Great Roll Call is taking a vacation from all the gloom and doom financial news and for what has been, by all rational accounts, a great start for the Obama Administration, and is going to "break away" or is that "steal away" or any other musical reference you may want to choose, to the greatest live music event of the year, the 8th Annual Ponderosa Stomp.

In a few minutes I will be hopping on the cycle for a road trip from one end of the Mississippi River to the other for what will be a blitzkrieg of blues, brews and beyond. Despite a balmy temperature of 41 degrees and a forecast including sleet and even with Mexico City residents dropping like flies, I'm out of here. Hold on, I'm Coming....

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