Friday, February 13, 2009

Republicans Unvail New Party Symbol: Pachaderm Replaced by More Accurate Symbol

In a stunning move made in the attempt to restore credibility with the American people, the Republican National Committee announced late this week that they are replacing the elephant as their iconic symbol. The move came partly as a result of years of protest by the thick skinned animals and partly because the American people are ridiculing a party whose actions are akin to organizational Alzheimer's yet touts as its symbol a noble beast who, upon popular belief, possesses a long memory.

The examples are almost too many to repeat and go back to 2006 when the Democrats retook the House and managed a standoff in the Senate. Unlike their Republican counterparts, the Democrats did not change the composition of the ethics committee, which had historically been equally represented by each party, in order to tilt the balance in favor of their corrupt members, like the Delay Congress in the wake of the K Street Project. Nor did the Democrats engage in wholesale and sweeping rule changes such as locking out the participation of a single Democrat in conference committees and threatening the "nuclear option" of doing away with the filibuster, a procedural device in the Senate designed to protect the minority party's or persons rights in the face of tyranny by the majority, whenever they did not get their way.

So it was with all this in mind that the public had come to openly laugh at the absurd theatrics of the Republicans bemoaning the lack of bipartisan cooperation when in fact the President has been reaching out only to have his hand bitten. In light of the dire position that the country is currently in, Republican politics as usual will not be tolerated by a newly energized and informed public.

Consequently, the Republicans have announced the adoption of their new, more accurate symbol, a tantrum throwing little girl, pictured above right.

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