Sunday, December 21, 2008

Norm "Karma Kazeminy Chameleon" Coleman

Yesterday Mark Ellias, attorney for the Franken campaign projected victory by 30-50 votes. Despite repetitive attempts to stop the counting of all legally cast ballots, the Coleman campaign will come up short leading Minnesotans to proudly proclaim that this state is not Florida circa 2000.

A bitter and dejected Coleman is said to be consoling himself by embarking on an extravagant shopping spree at the Men's Department at Neiman Marcus followed by a trip to the Caribbean accompanied by his daughter. When the Senator was asked how he expected to pay for these luxuries, he first attempted to drown out the question by blaring Boy George's "Karma Chameleon" but when that didn't work he directed all questions to his longtime friend, benefactor and subject of an on-going FBI investigation, Nasser Kazeminy.

"Karma Kazeminy Chameleon"

Caribbean loving in your eyes all the way

If I listened to your lies, would you say?

I'm a man soon to have a conviction

I'm a man who doesn't know

How to sell a contradiction

You come and go you come and go

Karma Karma Karma Karma Kazeminy Chameleon

You come and go You come and go

Loving would be easy

if your colours were like my dreams

Republican Red, gold and green

Republican Red, gold and green...

(sampling credit : Boy George)

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