Thursday, October 30, 2008

A College Sophomore's Text Message to a Friend Who Defaced Her "Wall" with Anti-Obama Grafitti

"Ok, well first of all, it's not that I don't like you at all, it just makes me so angry that people start complete LIES in this country like being an Arab and linked with terrorists... Good Lord! I forgot.... you say that you want to live off your hard work and not get any benefit from all of us working together, but that would mean that you would be paying 100% of your tuition. As a student do you get any help what so ever?

Since your school is so expensive, I'm pretty sure you get help through grants... which is provided by other people (us) in society to help bring down high cost of education that the average American (me and you) cant afford. If you were extremely wealthy and making over 250k a year, I would say great! Be a Republican! BUT it is doing no benefit for you to vote for people that don't care about the people, they will continue to give tax breaks to each other, the wealthiest 1%, and screw us over. There is a huge risk we won't even have loan possibilities for next year because of this financial issue.

And on the issue of abortion and gay rights... Coming from a party that wants less government interference in our lives, its funny that they want to control EVERYTHING in terms of our personal lives. It is ONLY the concern of the mother, father, and doctor involved in abortions and gay marriage is only the issue of the couple.

Of all the important things that happen in this world, they could at least interfere with more important issues so our country doesn't end up how it is now. Just remember everything that the government and state has ever given you, like a quality education (public schools, post office, fire dept, police dept), and remember that wouldn't be possible if we all didn't work together and strive for the same thing in life. To be happy and healthy.

We all really are the same, we just think we can achieve these things in different ways.
OK I'M DONE I SWEAR! i love u! after the election lets hang out! hahah..."

She Gets It!! That college sophomore gets it and I'm the proudest father in the whole world. There is hope for this new generation of Americans and, oh, by the way, "Yes They Can!!"

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