Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coleman Campaign In "Deep Water"

These days the Coleman Campaign is much like the tragic and doomed voyage of amateur yachtsman Donald Crowhurst, who got in way over his head by entering the first solo, non-stop, round-the-world boat race.

Like Crowhurst, who in order to finance his stake in the race, had to sign contracts of adhesion with disreputable characters which placed his family in financial jeopardy and himself in moral bankruptcy; Coleman has accepted millions of dollars in campaign contributions (i.e legal bribery) from disreputable corporate interests like big oil and big pharmacy thereby placing middle and working class families in financial jeopardy and raising questions as to Coleman's ethics and just whose interests' Senator Coleman has been really really serving while in Washington. Colemans's voting record in support of the "no-negotiating clause" in the medicare drug law and billions of tax refunds for Mobil and Exxon when at the same time they are reporting record shattering quarterly profits, leave little doubt as to the answer.

Unlike Crowhurst, a likable, tragicomic figure, who was so conflicted and effected by the choices he made that, sadly, he felt he had no way out other than suicide; Coleman seems completely unaffected by the predicament he has placed American families in. Coleman is so consumed by his addiction to power and self-importance that he has the gall to not only run for re-election, but to shamelessly and falsely portray himself as an independent when in actuality he was handpicked to run by, and in return, thereafter supported, George W. Bush 95% of the time.

I highly recommend that you tune in to see Independent Lens' excellent documentary on Crowhurst entitled "Deep Water" on Public Television, which is being rebroadcast in the Twin Cities on Monday August 25, 2008 on Channel 17 at 7 P.M.

I also highly recommend that you seriously consider whether you are better off now than you were 6 or 8 years ago, and if not whether you and your family can afford 4 and 6 more years of arrogance, indifference and incompetence that have been the hallmarks of the Bush-Coleman-McCain legacies.

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