Friday, July 11, 2008

McCain Addresses Birchettes in Hudson, WI

Listening to the hypocritical Wisconsin businesswoman, who hosted John McCain's women only town hall forum in Wisconsin today, you could not help but be reminded that Wisconsin is the home of the John Birch society. You also needed a shovel to get past the hypocrisy of the Birchettes.

The host, a woman named Luann, confided in us that she was a two time divorcee and struggling welfare mother who took advantage of programs that a later Birchette would describe as the "socialist, Marxist" agenda of the Democratic party, i.e. welfare, afdc, student loan, etc. and was now a successful construction contractor no doubt also thanks to something called affirmative action. But just like so many of the nouveau rich, she is absolutely blind as to how and with whose help she got there. The egocentric nature of the newly rich and their "I got mine why can't you get yours" mentality is pathetically comical.

So go ahead and feel superior you Birchettes, wrap yourselves in the false patriotism and jingoism of the GOP and point your John Birch Society fingers of intolerance and prejudice at those less fortunate than yourselves, and perhaps, just maybe, you can forget where you came from.