Monday, June 9, 2008

Norm Coleman: Once "...Hand Picked and Recruited By President Bush..." Now Says: "George W Who?" and Tries to Cozy Up To Klobuchar

Minnesota Republican's greatest fear has now become reality: Al Franken wins the Democrats' endorsement on a unanimous first ballot vote. Thanks to a truly magnanimous act by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer and an earnest apology from Franken, the delegates rallied around their embattled candidate and sent Mr. Franken back out on the campaign trail with the one clear purpose, defeat Norm Coleman and send him and his corporate lobbyist pals packing.

Watching the local political programs with the usual homely faces of the same tired political hacks week after week, one thing was different come this past Sunday, the desperation in Sara Janazek's increasingly shrill attacks on Al Franken were becoming deliciously humorous. You could just see the panic and terror building as she and her fellow attack dogs began to realize that the voters were sick and tired of their little reindeer games and were not going to be so easily distracted this time around.

Seven and a half years of the disastrous Bush Administration are beginning to take their eventual and predictable toll and all the interest rate and nominal tax cut band aids will not stop the hemorrhaging. With gasoline over $4.00 a gallon, the pathetically too little, too late, response of Bush and Coleman is to increase domestic production: open up An war and the Continental Shelf to oil exploration! As if a few months supply, which would take five years in development, would have any effect on the current price at the pump. This is the energy equivalent of their response to Hurricane Katrina and "you're doing a good job Brownie".

Over the next several months, as Norm let's loose his attack dogs, like the creepy duo of the Republican chair and Janazek, and throw everything including the kitchen sink at Franken while at the same time bemoaning that the issues are not being addressed; Coleman will be running, no sprinting from his former hand picking controllers and trying to cozy up to the likes of Senator Klobuchar and the Democrats in a political theater of the absurd reminiscent of the Chuck Jone's cartoon character Pepe Le Pew and the cat. Norm and Pepe, now there's a couple of real stinkers!

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