Sunday, June 8, 2008

Letter to Congresswoman Betty McCollum: You Are Acting Alot like Congresswoman Bachmann

Hon. Betty McCollum
Saint Paul District Office
165 Western Avenue North Suite 17
St. Paul, MN 55102

Dear Congresswoman McCollum:

I rarely feel compelled to write an elected official but I just want to let you know in a respectful way that you are doing a tremendous disservice to our country, our party and yourself if you continue to do the bidding of Norm Coleman and the Republicans with your divisive and disloyal comments regarding our now endorsed candidate, Al Franken. You and I both know that anyone even remotely familiar with candidate Franken, that he is is a tireless advocate for the working people of Minnesota and that there is not a sexist bone in his body. Are you so unsophisticated that you cannot discern satire from an actual, closely held belief?

I cannot believe with all the troubles facing us as a nation you would stoop so low as to fall for the tired tricks of the Republicans and allow yourself to be distracted by such non-issues as what a comedian wrote in Playboy as part of his job 8 years ago, when he was a private citizen. Are you against the First Amendment? Are you such a hypocrite that you are beginning to believe your own self-righteous b.s.? Are you so naive that you cannot see that you have become a tool of the GOP propagandists?

Come on Betty, grow up! Ciresi lost and now what? Apparently you would have him go back on his word and hand the election to Coleman. If you cannot work for progressive change, the good of the party and most importantly, the good of the nation, switch parties like your pal Norm Coleman. Frankly, lately you have been acting more like the other Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann and just so you know Betty, that is no compliment.

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