Thursday, June 5, 2008

Get Out the Shovels: Here Comes the Swift Boaters and the Rest of the GOP Propagandists

I can just see the chain emails about to fill the mailboxes of the great unwashed across America: "Ayatollah Obama's Black Panther Past as the 20th Hijacker on 9/11 Who Refuses to Wear Flag Pin while Reciting Satanic Verses Instead of the Pledge of Allegiance and Running Underground Railroad of Illegal Immigrants!” Think I am exaggerating? Just you wait and see.

Since past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct, John McCain's lip service to an honorable campaign will fly out the window along with what little is left of the "straight talk express". Remember the guy who spoke truth to power and said that the Bush tax cuts to the ultra wealthy during wartime were a disaster? Remember the bipartisan John McCain who wanted to work across party lines to get things done in the Senate? Citizen McCain who correctly analyzed the harmful effect that the religious right has had on the political climate in this country? The John McCain who openly criticized Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson?

Oh how times--oops, I mean--people-- have changed! The new McCain, just to get elected, wants to make the disastrous Bush tax cuts permanent. The new McCain went down to Liberty Baptist College in Lynchburg, Virginia and John Hagee's Mega church in San Antonio and kissed Reverends Falwell and Hagee's big fat asses and is sucking up to the very constituency that he had previously said was ruining the Republican party and had brought gridlock to our political system.

Let's just hope that when the lies of Karl Rove & Company start to fly fast and furious, candidate Obama doesn't take a week off and go windsurfing. I for one would be more comfortable with a candidate like Hillary Clinton knowing that she would never just sit back and take it. After all, just look what overestimating the intelligence of the American electorate has brought upon us the last two presidential elections.

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