Friday, May 30, 2008

Letter to My Congressman Re: Criticism of Franken for Satirical Piece in Playboy

Congressman Ellison:

As a constituent and supporter I am deeply disappointed with your quoted comments on Al Franken's satirical piece in Playboy 8 yrs ago. Please, "I have to ask myself, can I explain it to my 11-year- old daughter?" So you feel the need to discuss an 8 year old satirical piece in Playboy with your 11 year old daughter?

For someone who was the target of the Republican propaganda machine's smear tactics last election why on earth are you doing Norm Coleman's bidding with such inane and unthoughtful comments. I expect more from my Dem. Representative. Shame on you, clarify your comment and refocus on Coleman's record and real issues. This is another example of the Republican propaganda's machine's diversion tactics to get the electorate to focus on non-issues while they sell out the middle-class and support Bush Administration policies 98% of the time.

Come on Keith you are sounding like another Washington politician and you are better than that.

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