Sunday, April 6, 2008

"...Pry it From My Cold Dead Fingers..."

With the news this weekend of the death of actor Charlton Heston, I couldn't help but think of the phrase which either endeared or repelled him to you: "...the only way the government will take my gun from me is to pry it from my cold, dead fingers...".

Although I am a hunter, member of a local gun club (sporting clays and trap)and a staunch believer in Second Amendment Rights, I do not buy into the right-wing political agenda of the NRA and their often knee jerk members. The fact that many of the NRA's working class members vote against their own economic interests when told to do so from on high by the NRA's bourgeois leadership always astounds me.

So it was with this somewhat conflicted mentality that I attended a screening of Michael Moore's anti-gun film "Bowling for Columbine" some years back with my then 8 year old and now 13 year old hunting companion, son. As much as I agree with Mr. Moore on such issues as greed and the lack of business ethics among the leaders in corporate America, national single payer healthcare, social justice and economic populism, I have to say that the late Mr. Heston got the best of Michael Moore when he attempted to conduct an ambush interview after the actor graciously granted the grandstanding Moore's request for an interview after buzzing him from the front gate of Heston's estate, the location which he got from a map of the Hollywood stars' mansions.

I have to believe that Mr. Moore knew that Mr. Heston got the best of him and left the segment in the film out of respect for a man who would invite a stranger, with whom he had to know vehemently disagreed with him on the issue of gun control, but nevertheless invited him into his home for a civilized discussion on the issue.

I just have to wonder what was found in Mr. Heston's hand when he shed the mortal coil and whether he was confronted by a sign at the Pearly Gates which read: "Guns Not Allowed on these Premises"?

May Moses rest in peace.

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