Thursday, February 7, 2008

Letter to Scott Simon, NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday Re: Mike Huckabee

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Date : 1/26/2008 10:43:43 AM

Hi Scott:

Your show is the highlight of my weekend mornings just as much as a good cup of coffee and a donut. I just wanted to suggest a minor correction of an error I have heard the national press make about one of the presidential candidates several times: In you segment on the Whigs (excellent by the way) you asked one of the band members how they thought Mike Huckabee rated as a guitar player.

Huckabee is a bass player and a pretty darned good one or so tells me Arkansas resident and renowned blues guitarist Jimmy Thackery. In fact then Gov Huckabee wrote a "forward" for Thackerys cd with the Cate Brothers entitled "The Natural State" (remove cd to see Gov. Huckabees recommendation).

I'm a Democrat and do not imagine myself voting for a Republican this election, but as a frustrated musician wannabe I think credit should go where it is deserved and I understand his bass playing is far superior to Pres. Clintons sax honkings.

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