Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day 2008

Today is the 29th of February, Leap Day in Leap Year 2008.

The campaigns of the three biggest contenders to be the next President of the United States are entering into their own leap phase. The Obama campaign has leaped ahead of his opponent in his battle for the Democrats nod. For the Clinton campaign, it has come down to a leap of faith as to how much longer her campaign can last, which may not be much more than next week.

On the Republican side, McCain is trying to leap out of the way of his own past and not get caught in his blanket denials. Huckabee meanwhile has been reduced to playing for yucks in a leap from reality, appearing on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Locally, Minnesota Governor and prospective McCain running-mate, Tim Pawlenty got leaped over by the Minnesota Legislature, which overrode his veto for the first time on a new transportation bill. At the same time as this was going on, his Commissioner of Transportation was thrown to the curb by the Minnesota Senate in the wake of the I-35W Bridge Collapse, which refused to ratify her reappointment to the position. Although she remains as Lt. Governor, that’s ok, at least it’s a political position, unlike her former one.

Yep. It sure has been a time for leaps.

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